Nominations Criterion & Guidelines

At, we are really looking for the most disruptive innovative product start-ups out there. We define a start-up as one which is less than 3 years old. There is no biased across any sector. The only bias is for true blue product innovators who are building with a global focus.

Here are some of the key criterion we look at while nominating start-ups for the showcase

People: This is essentially the people behind the start-up, the founders, the first few employees. At, success in the real world is valued far higher than in the academic world.

Product : What Is there a real pain point that is being solved, how well is this product placed to solve that painpoint, what is the usability of the product like. How functional is it. How innovative/ disruptive is it. More than anything, is there some clear defensibility and barrier to entry from a product stand point. This is what we’re looking for in this parameter.

Market Size: – What we’re looking to see here is how big is the market size the product is catering to. Also, can this market really be a 1 billion dollar opportunity for the company

Scalability : At, we’re looking for extremely scalable business models. In essence, anything that is created once and sold multiple times with minimum incremental effort and costs is in our book a scalable product. This is key and is critical to the start-ups relevance at

Business Model : What is the real revenue model? Is it Saas, micro-transactions, advertising. Whatever the business model is, we are looking to see how well thought through the model is. Will a consumer really pay for something at this price point. If its advertising, will the site ever get enough users to make any money from advertising

Execution: What we’re looking for here is how successfully the company has executed so far. Have the start-up acquired customers very quickly, is it making revenues. Are they partnerships or a customer base that is a barrier to entry already. We’re looking at how swiftly the leadership team can execute and take decisions here.

Wow Factor: One must realize that after all is a show. So lets face it we want entrepreneurs who are charismatic, speak well, have products that are extremely innovative, disruptive, eye-catching and have a great barrier to entry. What we’re really evaluating here is how ‘wow-ed’ you be if you heard this pitch or saw this demo sitting in the audience. Would it be something you’d remember a year from